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Growing up and taking more responsibility for one's own health care is part of becoming independent. Our mission is to help youth and their caregivers successfully transition from pediatric to adult health care. Issues like taking on more responsibility for your health and health care, relying less on your family to make health care decisions, finding a doctor who takes care of adults, and staying insured all take time and practice.

Here you can find information and resource materials about health care transition to help:
  • teens and young adults with chronic health conditions,
  • families as they prepare for teenagers' transition into adulthood, especially the move from pediatric to adult health care, and
  • health care providers, managed care plans, public and private insurers, and policymakers to help guide youth with special health care needs as they successfully transition from pediatric health care to adult health care
Transition FAQs

Transition for Teens: Are you ready for transition? Health care transition is a process that helps you figure out how to become more independent and move from children's (pediatric) health care to adult-oriented health care. Most young people switch to an adult health care provider between their 16th and 21st birthdays. Use these resources to get started!
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Transition for Parents and Caregivers: Have you started planning your teen's transition to adulthood? Health care transition is a planned process to help teens become more independent and move from pediatric to adult health care. Age 14 (or before) is a great time to start discussing with your teen's health care provider about their readiness for transition to prepare them for adult care and independence. Here you can find resources, including a transition timeline to guide you through the process.
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Transition for Health Care Providers: These resources will help health care providers - pediatric, family medicine, adult medicine physicians, nurses, social workers, and care coordinators - organize and support well-planned transitions for their adolescent patients as they move toward an adult model of health care.
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Insurance: As teens get older, their insurance may change, and sometimes public programs require different documentation for enrollment. Learn more about maintaining health insurance into adulthood or securing new insurance as you or your teen gets older.
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DC Transition Facts: Only 34% of DC adolescents with special health care needs are receiving the support they need to transition to adult health care. Read more in our DC Health Care Transition Fact Sheet, and find out what concerns parents and teens during transition in our Focus Group Report.
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About Us: This portion of the website is a collaborative effort funded by the DC Department of Health with The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health, Family Voices-DC, and Partners in Transition.
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"Whether it’s talking to your doctor or speaking to others who have already transitioned: having the knowledge is key to preparing for transition."

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