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Here are some tips for keeping a job once you land one:

  • Start by getting to work on time. If you have to punch a time clock, do it earlier than expected.
  • Show up rested, wearing appropriate clothing, and ready for a few days of stress.
  • Read employee manuals. Learn the job rules and obey them.
  • Use your common sense. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Keep a paper or pad and pencil for making notes.
  • Learn the job as fast as you can—don’t stay the “new guy” for long.
  • Be responsible. If you make a mistake, admit it and move on.
  • Watch your manners. Respect and get along with others.
  • Good communication is important. Discuss matters; don’t argue. Be appreciative of help offered.
  • Be loyal to your employer.
  • Leave your personal problems at home, and stay away from gossip.

If you want to earn a raise or promotion to a better position:

  • Do what your boss wants done, and do it his or her way.
  • Do more than what is expected.
  • Make sure the boss knows what you have done.
  • Do your homework—raises and promotions go to those who want to grow.
  • Be a team player.
  • Learn how performance is evaluated: work output? attendance? attitude? Work to excel in those areas.

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