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Interns work in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training. Interning gives you work experience and can help you learn whether a particular field or career is right for you. Most interns are students of some sort, but they may also be adults seeking skills for a new career. Most interns are paid, though the salary may be low, but gaining experience and getting the chance to show what you can do may make it worthwhile to work for no pay at first. What's in it for the employer? At worst, they get cheap or free labor for low-level tasks, and they may spot future employees who, after completing their education, require less training.

Even if your internship doesn't turn into a permanent position or you learn the field isn't one you want to stay in, you can still gain many of the benefits of having a real job:

  • pay (probably)
  • training
  • the chance to demonstrate punctuality, reliability, ingenuity, and communication and other interpersonal skills
  • experience, not only a direct benefit but something to put on your resume
  • the chance to build relationships and a reputation with people you can later list as references when you apply for a job you really want

In addition to the local resources here, there are quite a few national websites focused on matching prospective interns with companies and organizations that want interns. And you don’t have to be limited to those with existing programs. If you are interested in a position that doesn't exist yet, you can propose an internship to get your foot in the door!

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