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Are there organizations that will help me find employment?

One objective of the RSA (Rehabilitation Services Administration) is to help people with disabilities find employment. Job searches are done on a case-by-case basis for those who are registered for services from RSA. It also provides necessary accommodations to help people with disabilities to their jobs to the best of their ability. RSA can be reached online at http://dds.dc.gov/dds/cwp/view,A,3,Q,496870,ddsNav_GID,1492,ddsNav,|31535|,.asp.

Do I have to mention my disability when applying for a job?

You are free to disclose any information you feel comfortable disclosing during a job application/interview process. If you do not feel comfortable talking about your disability, you do not have to do so.

Do any DC-based organizations offer employment opportunities to the developmentally disabled?

Yes. There are many opportunities for supported employment for people with developmental/ intellectual disabilities in DC. Access to supported employment providers is given through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

What is the difference between employment, supported employment, and day programs?

Employment is having a basic job in which a person has certain tasks to accomplish as well as certain responsibilities. Supported employment is employment in which people with developmental disabilities are given a certain task to perform. In a day program, people with developmental disabilities perform tasks that may be recreational or therapeutic and are not paid, as opposed to employment and supported employment, where people are paid.

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