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A Guide for District Residents to Plan for Emergencies

Monday, January 17 - Monday, January 24, 2022


Sponsored by: District of Columbia Office of Disability Rights; District of Columbia Department of Health; District of Columbia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency


Emergencies occur every day of the year. Whether it is a neighborhood fire, large scale power outage, snow storm, or hurricane, it is important to prepare in advance by creating a preparedness plan that identifies your needs.

The ability to recover from emergencies by developing connections, relationships, and resources is known as community resilience. Community resilience also integrates preparedness and recovery into routine activities that promote overall health and wellness. During an emergency, you can maintain independence and care for yourself. Maintaining independence requires planning and consideration of all available strategies, services, devices, tools, and techniques.

The Guidebook provides you with:

  • Templates and planning documents needed to create a preparedness plan prior to an emergency and record important information related to your daily living, health, medical, housing and transportation needs, social networks, resources, equipment, and skills.
  • Knowledge on how to create a plan involving shelter-in-place or, when directed, to evacuate and build an emergency preparedness kit.

This guidebook can be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, living arrangement, etc. to prepare for emergencies. Not all sections or information in the guidebook may apply to you. Each preparedness plan should be tailored to best suit your needs and preferences.

To access this digital Guide: Visit https://odr.dc.gov/page/are-you-prepared-emergency.

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